Monday, January 18, 2010

i have an obsession....

...with all things pretty. i love to read wedding blogs and i love to see the beautiful things that people come up with for their homes. i just adore it all. i thought i'd just share a few of the things that make me smile right now.
first, i love small things. also, if you have been in my bedroom, you'll know that i like mismatched classy. well, i've always dreamed of having a little chandelier in my bedroom. dreams come true. :)

i found these little ones at kikkerland.

i also really really love paper lanterns. maybe for my wedding, maybe just for every room ever. :) this picture is a from a random wedding, but i love the contrast of the sky and the crisp white paper.

my favorite movie is mary poppins, for many many reasons. i've been watching it a lot over the break and i cannot get over the broadway sets and posters. this poster is the typical one and i adore it tremendously.

i spent this past weekend in jackson which was lovely. natalie and i spent quite a bit of time talking marriage and weddings, which is pretty typical of me and not so much of her. :) we looked through a magazine, The Knot, giving thumbs up and thumbs down on each and every wedding dress. seeing as we were in Books A Million, i'm sure we were quite entertaining. :) gotta love time with best friends.

okay. i'm just rambling. maybe i should put up my favorite things more often. it's fun.

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