Thursday, January 28, 2010


i stole the title from a book that i really want to own. we sell it at work and i wish i could just buy it. actually, i wish i could buy a lot of things at work. but it's okay. i'd rather be able to buy food at school. speaking of which...
a. God has provided so much for school, thus I'll be able to return to Jackson on Tuesday. Praise Him. It's going to be a hard semester, but a good one.
b. I'm also almost completely covered for Providence. I only need $40 now. What a blessing! God is so good to me. I'm so undeserving.
c. I am ready to return to Union. It's like home. I miss my best friends. I miss my bed. I miss it all. I don't really miss classes, but I do miss the purpose they give me. I'm ready for it all.
d. i love that my erin is home from honduras. i was glad she got to be there, but i'm glad to see her now.
e. i am so ready to spend a whole lot of time with natalie. i need some more talk time with her. and i need hugs. natalie hugs. loml hugs.
f. i'm also excited to spend time with jewel. i can't even explain how much she has meant to me lately. i adore her. i'm ready to have serious talks with this girl right now.
g. of course, i can't wait to see linds. i want to hear about her jterm class. i want to spend time with her. i want to hug her. she's so dear to me.
h. oh and meggle. i want to see meg. i want to love her and have fort time and just enjoy every moment of being with her.
i. i'm thinking of rearranging my room. i don't know how i will in such a small space, but i need to. i need more room to be creative. we'll see if i can.
j. i've been talking to a lot of girls from garaywa, the camp i'm working at this summer. i definitely need a camera before camp this summer. it's going to be full of so many wonderful memories.
l. i've found a new friend in a girl who i never thought i would treasure. a sweet little one who i work with. sweet little hayley. i love her dearly. i just wish i could explain why. she is full of compassion. i see myself in her so much....and i like it. i never thought i would be able to say that, but there are many things that i always thought i couldn't say and i've said them.
m. i found this picture. and i'm a bit obsessed. look at that sky. gorgeous.

the Lord who made that sky...He loves me. He takes care of me.

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