Saturday, January 9, 2010

winter breaks are hard.

they really are. i love the chance to rest. i love the chance to spend time alone. i love playing the piano all the time.
but winter breaks are hard.
i don't have my best friends to support me. i don't have the church family that i'm used to. winter makes it harder to fight off depression. i don't have definite answers about many things. it's just a hard time for me.
the great part is...God is Good. All the time. He provides. He has provided a way for me to go see friends next weekend. I'll get to go to a Chikfila Opening this week. I'm working off and on. He is just so good to me.
When the tears come and I don't have any answers, the best part is that God stores my tears in a bottle and He DOES have the answers.
May I constantly be aware of these facts. May I realize His purposes is due time.
For the winter will pass, I will have my girls again, and answers will come...and God will be the same. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and Forever.

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