Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i live a beautiful life.

a very beautiful life. i am constantly surrounded by beautiful people. beautiful things happen all the time. i'm never completely alone, which is a favorite thing of mine. i love my life, even in the midst of terribly stressful weeks. it's a beautiful life that i live.

one of the most beautiful people in my life is one of my dearest friends, abby ott. she has the best fashion sense i've ever seen...she's practically a model. i just adore her company and fantastic ideas. not only that, abby is a fantastic photographer. i love looking that the things she has shot. for example...

[the first two are two of our favorite friends, amanda and kate. love them.]
all this to say, i adore abby ott. she is phenomenal and a treasure. and she just launched her new blog: go and read it. see the beauty that is my life. she captures it so well.

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