Saturday, May 22, 2010

family friends and aunties.

i love people. i'm passionate about people. i love kids and adults and old people and college students and people. i love them all.

i've really been blessed to spend lots of time with my family these past few days. they are really taking time out of their schedules to love me while i'm here. it's so good.

i have been missing my friends, especially linds and nat. it's going to be a long hard summer, but i know that the Lord will do something great in our relationships through it. i'm excited to see what that looks like.

i have happy news: my mother's best friend who is very dear to my heart lives in minnesota. she is far from us, but never far from my heart or thoughts. she is forty. she has been surprisingly pregnant with a precious little girl who has been very much so on my heart. regina, the mommy, asked me about a month and a half ago to think on names for this little one. my best and dearest name was naomi.
today, three months early, she delivered.
naomi ruth cannon.
6.51 pm.
1 pound. 1.5 ounces.
10.5 inches long.
regina and naomi are doing fine.
the Lord is so gracious.
and i am an auntie.

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