Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pray for me?

i apologize in advance for the length of this post...

i honestly don't know that anyone actually reads my blog, but in the off chance that someone does, i'm just gonna throw my prayer requests out there. i'd love to know if you are praying for me, so i can return the favor. :) also, this summer, instead of emailing reports, i'll be updating this blog about ministry, so this is the place to be.

on to prayer requests. . .

for me:
a. i need to completely get rid of sin in my life. i am striving for the glory of the Lord, but i can see some problem areas right now. pray that i would keep my heart and mind pure. i need to be guarded in that area especially.
b. i need to learn how to sleep. yes, it's after one am as i'm writing this. i just have a hard time sleeping when i'm nervous and also in new places. thus, i am taking all sorts of things to make me cozy while at camp. it may be a bit much, but i need to sleep a lot.
c. i need humility. i need to realize that i'm not the wise one in every situation. i need to learn to learn.
d. i need a camp best friend. i miss lindsey and natalie so much and i need that girl at camp. i have sweet sweet marlie who will be there, as well as erin stephens, but i need that solidity for sure. i also need that accountability that courtney, andi, and jewel provide. pray that i will find that and be open to it.

for the staff:
a. pray for unity. many of us have never met and we have one week of training before the first wave of campers. pray for immediate "clickage."
b. pray for enthusiasm. it is hard to get excited when you don't know what is coming. it's just this weird mix of emotions that need to be placed into enthusiasm for camp.
c. pray for energy. we need rest, but that isn't going to always happen. pray that we would have supernatural strength. the Lord provides all things.
d. pray for hearts that are broken for the lost and dedicated to the Gospel. we need that passion to reach these sweet little girls.
e. specifically pray for erica, our director. she is already moved in and working hard. i have only met her once, but already count her as a dear sister. pray hard for this hardworking and determined woman as she prepares for camp (and a half marathon!?!).

for the campers:
a. pray for excitement. they are the energy that we will feed off. they are why we are at camp. pray that they are thrilled to be with us.
b. pray for their hearts to be open. the Gospel will be preached. they will hear it. pray that their hearts would be soft and ready to receive the Gospel.
c. pray for no homesickness. ah. this is something that i dealt with, but i'm afraid to approach. pray that the atmosphere would be so homey and loving that they wouldn't ever feel homesick.
d. pray for their safety. camp is not a fun place to be sick or hurt and that would just break my heart. [also the staff's safety and camp are imperative to camp's well-being. and we all know my immune system...]

also, my fantastic camp director erica sent us these requests today:
-dry weather on thursday, the 27th, for ropes course training.
-the phone system at garaywa is down, so that needs to be fixed asap.
-we have low numbers of girls registered for the first week of camp [june 7-11]. pray that those numbers increase.

i'm sure there will be more posts of this sort, as i will get more nervous and have other needs. thank you in advance for approaching the Throne for me. soon, i will post the themes and scriptures for each day of Bible study, so that you may read along and pray over each day specifically.

ps. if you want to write me, let me know and i'll send you my address. letters will be a lifesaver this summer, so please ask. :)


  1. Love this! I particularly love the request against homesickness! You're precious...see you Monday!!!

  2. I read your blog. Even though I dont personally know you. Anyone who comes through my church (grace harbor) and my lovely city (Providence) who is a christian is automatically a friend =) And even though I dont know you, I feel like we have alot in common!

    Your words are encouraging and hopefilled. I will be praying for you! God Bless Sister!


  3. Erica: Can't wait to see you and your beautiful face on Monday!

    Alissa: Oh we are definitely friends! I am impressed that you read my blog and am glad that I can be an encouragement. Thank you for your prayers!



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