Saturday, May 29, 2010


the living room is full of my things. i've always been an overpacker, but i'm trying to break out of that currently. it's hard, but going well. all of my clothes are in one bag. all of my bed stuff in another. all of my decorations and my lamp etc are in one box. another box holds games and crafts. my little dresser holds personal make up and stationary. i'm working at being organized but it's a hard thing to do when i just want to play all the time.
i did finish an awesome awesome collage of pictures of me and linds for my wall and got a picture of me and natalie in a frame. if that was all i had, i would be happy.
for now, i must pack a bit more, and then get ready for a bachelorette party for my dearest friend from home, whose wedding i will miss for camp. i'm glad to be here for this fun time.

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