Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter 1: My Best Friend.

I have a number of girls I would call one of my best friends: Linds, Kathryn, Kathleen, Ahnna, Jess, Abigail, Courtney, but they know and I know that there is only one you: my very best friend. You are the one I miss the most after just one day apart. This summer has been crazy without you by my side. Praise God for phones and Skype!
Can you believe that we are about to start our senior year? It's good to know that we are both terrified and excited. I'm glad that we can always share things. Whether it be food, time, a bed, or our thoughts, I know that it's ours. That's a favorite thing.
It's you that knows my deepest secrets, my biggest worries, the longings of my heart. I'm so blessed that you always have answers to my questions and worries. You may not know the answer, but you know what to say to calm me and make me realize that God is in control.
Soon, we'll be grown-ups. Looking at the road in front of us, I see that there is a plan...I just don't know it yet. I know that there will be crazy things ahead. I know we will be looking at you getting married and me getting out of the country. But I know that I'll stand next to you when you say, "I do," and I know that you'll be there next to me before I get on that plane.
You are the perfect counterpart to me. Know that there will never be someone to take your place. You are it. The best. We need each other.
Thank you for keeping my secrets safe. I never have to worry about that with you, and I'm so thankful. We need best friend necklaces, by the way.
Oh and you are never annoyed by my ADD! That is a major plus. I can go on for hours about nothing and everything, and you still listen. What kind of love is this?
Seriously, you are the best, Natalie Therese. I'm amazed by how perfect we are for each other. Best friends til the end.
I love you with my entire heart.
Your Anna.

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