Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's the 'too' that matters.

We all have pet peeves. One of my roommates can't stand when the sink is so full that she can't fill up the Brita pitcher. Another friend hates when her socks get wet from someone spilling water on the floor. My dear friend can't stand it when people smack when they eat. (And I tend to agree. That noise is terrible.) I personally can't handle it when someone enters a room and changes everything-the temperature, the music, the general atmosphere.
But I've recently discovered that I have the complete opposite of pet peeves. I guess you could call them my favorite things, but they aren't really fitting into the raindrops on roses category. They are deeper than girls is white dresses with blue satin sashes or apple strudel. These things are the ones that make my heart sing and make my eyes twinkle. They can turn the late nights of loneliness into nights where I snuggle into my nest and sigh out of happiness. What are these things? There are too many to name...but I'll give you the one of the moment.
Favorite thing of the Moment: Getting to say "I love you too."
I know it sounds simple, but that 'too' means the world to me. When I get to say that, it means that the other person thought of the love first. It means that they think I'm worthy of hearing it. It means that someone sees me and loves me.
When I was a little girl, I used to pray that my parents would say "I love you" first, only because I wanted to say the 'too.' It's the 'too' that matters. It sounds like a silly prayer, but the days that the Lord answered that prayer are ones that I still remember, fifteen years later.
I have this one dear friend who is really good at giving me this joy. Anytime we are parting ways, she takes the time to pause, look me in the eye, and say "I love you." Do I deserve this? Oh definitely not. But is it something I adore about her? Yes. Does the song in my heart get louder every single time? Yes.
It truly is the little things. The moments that other people don't see as important are the ones that bring me the most joy. She probably doesn't think much of that moment of looking me in the eye and loving me, but that is what screams friendship to me. And it's that moment of joy that causes me to realize how blessed I know her, to be here, to have friends who love me.
Even in the times where I feel like I'm a complete mess, I'm loved by this one and others...and that's where the joy is.

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  1. I must agree. The word "too" can be extremely powerful. It really does just just make me wonder just how many times a day I say it without realizing it. You know, just in passing, taking that simple yet powerful three letter word for granted.


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