Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen of Hearts.

Oh this day. Xs & Os. Pink and Red. Candy, Candy, and more Candy.
I love it all. I'm so happy to see all the love around me. From the happily married couple who pours into me daily, to my engaged best friend who has taught me much about love, both romantic and agape, to my dear pair of friends who have faithfully fought the good fight these past few months as they face physical heart problems with spiritually whole hearts...all of these have taught me so much. So, while the world bustles around, buying last minute flowers, dressing up for dates, watching "The Vow," I think I'll cozy up with a jazz piano version of "My Funny Valentine" and read one of my new favorite kids books, "Queen of Hearts." Cause who doesn't want to be Queen on this day?
Enjoy the chocolate and all the love, my friends. This video, dear reader, is my Valentine to you.

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