Thursday, July 11, 2013


Here in the South, we overuse the word "bless." "Bless her heart" to the girl with the too short skirt. "Bless his heart" to the sweet chubby cheeks of a toddler. "Bless this food" for every meal. And on and on it goes. But as I sit down to write this blog post, I can't seem to think of a more fitting word for my life: I am so blessed. I am constantly asking for blessings of the Lord. And boy, am I trying to be a blessing.
Let me give you a few details: First of all, it's summer, a blessing for all teachers. I'm enjoying some time off and spending my days nannying a tiny girl. She's as sweet as pie, and I love playing mommy. I finished the spring semester as strong as I could, and I'm spending lots of time rethinking my classroom and my strategies as a teacher as the baby and I enjoy babbling sessions and naptime.
I'm living in a lovely new apartment with the perfect roommate. I'm not even joking; she's incredible. Kate's....well, Kate's giving and kind and loving and she just understands me. We have way too much fun together, and spend many hours at the pool, chatting and reading aloud to each other from our respective books. (Her pick? "Captivating." Mine? "The Happiness Project." I recommend them both!) We also spend more time talking into the wee hours of the morning, and usually end up crashing mid-sentence. She is a gift from the Lord, I am certain. Our apartment truly looks like home, and I'm sure eventually I'll get my act together and make my room look that way too.
Another major change has been the Lord's direction to a new church home. Though I loved my years at Englewood, the Spirit was very clear a few months ago that I needed to follow Him. So, I gave up my comfortable seat in the pew, and sat in a metal chair one Sunday afternoon at City Fellowship. My heart was immediately warmed, and my soul nourished by the songs, preaching, and sweet communion. I'm still settling in there, but I truly adore City, and I'm excited to discover more of why the Lord has brought me to this sweet family.
As far as asking for blessings, I've been clinging to the Cross and asking for some specific things, especially in the area of spiritual growth. We are going through the fruit of the Spirit at church, and I see the buds of those fruits...but I want to see more in my life. I'm eager to see how the Lord can change my heart into His heart.
I'm also asking for some serious direction in my life, especially in the area of jobs and happiness in that area. I know that the Lord has a perfect plan for me, and I am dying to see it. This last semester was very lonely and very hard. Honestly, I've completely avoided anything to do with teaching this summer because I was so turned off to it. But I know that He will renew my love for His calling on my life and He will draw me close as I prepare for another school year.
Genuinely, I'm also asking for the blessing of a family. Not another one to be adopted by, rather I want to start my own. My heart is longing for all of the joys of the future, and I often find myself chatting that up with the Father.
I won't brag about being a blessing, but I will say that I particularly have enjoyed using my sewing talents this summer to make sweet little baby blankets for newly born and adopted ones. I'm also getting to use my henna skills a lot more which is so fun and rewarding.

All that to say, I'm blessed. I'm happily awaiting more blessings. I'm learning to be a blessing.
It's a good life.

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